Thursday, October 29, 2009

Windows 7 - The Re-Emergence from the Bewilderness

By the End of the October 2009, Microsoft has launched the most awaited version of Windows - Windows 7. And this time, the wait was from the Other side, it was not the consumers (who were particularly still busy in trying establishing the Nuts and Bolts of Windows Vista - The Earlier version of Windows. So it was ideally the Developers and Microsoft Inc. which was eager to launch the new version on Board.
Around 22nd October 2009, Microsoft launched the Polished and Eloquent version of their Windows with usual Fanfare and glitters. Hoarding, leaflets and heavy promotion everywhere. Now, i am in the quest to try the so Called rescuer of pain and Re-Structuring of the ease, may the best of time comes when the world will get used to the next Revolution in Windows Operating System. The Convergence is still ON !

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