Thursday, April 16, 2009

Recession .... Deeper Hole than though out to be.

Off late, there were too many scary elements roaming in the air which all were talking about the Recession and its deep impact on the Indian Economy. All of a sudden the global economy was seen sliding into the deep rooted evil of recession. With the start of the Lehmann's fall, the whole world saw the jaws of uprooting of the terrific economy starting.

As our journey into the deep hole progressed, the world saw several termination letters, pink slips and sad moments in the life of employees all over. Crazy scandals were unveiled and world was made to think about the right way to spend the money. But more than that, it was the media that had created a lot of influence on the life of common man, it made the "Journey into the Deep hole" much more scarier, than what it could have been if the media were not so full of Horror stories.

I personally believe, the media is a hypnotizer when it comes to reporting news and making people believe about a tale, be it a sordid one, or full of jovialness. At morning, when one reads a newspaper, he is bound to believe the news which were conveyed in the 30 page something journal. So, i believe its a supreme responsibility of media to present mature and unbiased news keeping the sensitivity and vulnerability of the viewer/audience in mind.

As the market is slowly but surely showing signs of progress, we assume that media will take the pieces from its past and will improve itself for the world to see more meaningful media coverage about a situation.

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