Tuesday, April 28, 2009

IPL-2 : When going gets tough, Ask shahrukh!!

Eureka!! Eureka!! Eureka!! This is what Archimedes screamed and came in full monty publicly to scream out and ran towards nothing but to the utter despair of his excitement and joy. He has found something he wanted to show to the world, something examplary yet unknown to the human race then!

Today, no wonder if Shahrukh do it, smartly, out of South Africa. His smartly carved team which ran into losses in last IPL edition is doing no good here as well. Time by time, days by days, matches by matches, all they were seeing is Losses and more of it. So, this just explains why the possession of Big cast in your Team is not the big thing, but right Casting is!

There are several things that pinched the KKR(Kolkotta Knight Riders) from left, right, center and back! First of all, before they were dispatched to South Africa, the matter of Multiple captaincy raised by Coach John Buchnan raised handful of eyebrows. And that of course casted the anger from all sorts of cricket brains. The 'sunny bhai' was at his orthodoxical best.

Things followed in more drastically with them losing close matches especially to Rajasthan royals, and then who can forget the pain in the neck, the fake IPL Blogger. Overall, it is a hounding tour for the Shahrukh's men, and as they are seeing their early exit, they need to do immediately or else quickly pack their bags and come back to india ... Elections are round the corner, so players won't like to miss the elections and be the Pappus all around!

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