Sunday, September 16, 2007

Nokia 6300 - The Cult and Cute Phone

How much can you get that Slim?

Nokia - A finnish company, having its strong customer base in India, timely realised the stiff competition it had on its rail, when Motorolla started to inch towards consumer's pocket with its swanky looking economical handsets having plethora of features.

Nokia came up with A stylish, sleek and "Hold it with your Fingers" phone which was quite potent to set the market on zing!

Few months back, i went to look for handset, being a Nokia Loyalist, the only thing that comes out of my mouth when i hear the word "Cellphone" is NOKIA! Naturally, i was browsing through with different makes, specially N-Series. But the brave and out-front suggestions given to me by my mates, drove me to buy this slender masterpiece.

To cut it short, this is a brave effort on the company's part to keep it full of features, robustness and the Trademark Nokia's Ease of Navigation. Though its camera without flash is a biiig let-down for all those who always looks for clicking picture and capture their special moments. Camera works good at natural light, but when its night-time, you would see more pronounced Grains than the person whom you are clicking!

For the rest of the features, sound is good (but plz dont compare it with SE phones, they still rules), its speedy(just like any other S40 phone.) but the most contrasting feature of this Phone is its Display, with 16 million colors in its kitty, its sure going to be charm of your gleeful eyes!
Indeed, to add to the futility, the display which is so robust, may be headache for some, as this consumes lot of battery power, and thus, for normal usage, you need to hold the charger's tale by end of each day - that's a nuisance .. i feel !

Still, the phone is good, free from viruses(yeah, its a java s40 phone, so no worry for virus infection!!) this piece makes a Paisa Vasool.

Ratings : 4/5

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