Saturday, March 12, 2011

Feary Friday - When Tsunami stuck Japan

Our friday's lunch took a different meaning when the we had a glance on the TV set while having lunch. The bold, bigger and scarier headlines that pounced on the TV screen referred to something which can easily be termed as one of the biggest tragedy of Century .. indeed two centuries.

Japan was crying ... it was the horrific earthquake measuring 8.9 on richer scale and followed by the destructible Tsunami that swept away the Homes, Cottages, vehicles, humans and everything that came its way. The sweeping waves of sea were looking more like the devil in Black veil with its open arms smearing for the innocence.

As the time grew past, the waves triggered more destruction by causing fire in fuels and blast in nuclear plant. As i write this, i can sense the nature is playing the same revenge game like the human did with it. There is mass destruction and the number of people who are dead are still countless.

Mercy God !!

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