Friday, November 06, 2009

PAA - A Unique Story ..

Amitabh plays a role in which he has a medical condition called Progeria, a rare genetic condition resulting in early aging. In this movie Bachan plays Auro a 13 year old looking like a 25 years younger because of his medical condition in the movie.
Paa features Abhishek, Vidya Balan along with Big B. Here Abhishek plays the role of DAD to Amitabh bacchan.
This movie might be an introduction of some innovative thinking in the bollywood which has now been in the saturation stage of Mushy Romance and Lovely songs.
It's been said that AB has put in 8 hours of Strenous efforts to look like a Child. Well done AB!! Abhishek must learn something from his PAA :)

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