Sunday, October 07, 2007

A Thorny Plant

On the lazy Sunday afternoon, sitting restlessly at home before my PC, i just stole a moment to look out and gleefully my eyes resisted to come back into the room again. Though, there was nothing particularly spectacular outside, still my mind never felt like coming back to the 15" monitor!

The sun was burning bright on the plants which we had planted long ago, and later left to themselves to grow. We never actually cared to look after those 5-7 plants, happily(or not so.. ) placed in their respective Pots with natural ease. "Why don't they die?" I curiously quizzed my mom, lying sleepishly on the comfy bed behind me. She would have been less baffled if thunderstorm would have stroke our home than me asking the question about Household chores. Still she diligently opted to gift me a straight forward answer .... "These idiot plants (thankfully, now, i am not the ONLY idiot at home) seems to be on their self-service. They have thorns, and they don't ask for water anymore!! " I wanted to look back to my mom, but my eyes sticked there. I was floating into the valley of my thoughts.

How nice would it become, if the need of water becomes extinct from the planet? How amazing would it be, if, instead of asking for water, people would start craving about sunlight. It is assumed, that if the we would continue our step-motherly treatment to water as we do, soon, the world will see the biggest feud for water within next 20 years. No matter how relaxed are we in our living rooms, its the time, for all of us to wake and be the part of the bandwagon to save this earth and our forthcoming generation from being the Thorny Plant!

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