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Bypassing windows validation check for Windows Media Player 11

Whew! Its such a painstakingly horrible that you download the whole 24 MB file through your broadband connection or dial-up connection, and u end up facing the Validation check screen which tells u .. 'Naaah! time over baby .. letz check ur accessories! .. ehmm. OS i mean ;)'. To avoid this ... I straight away went to google guru! And i knw i would find some solutions over there for sure! So here are the workaround

1. Download WMPlayer11.
2. Download WinRAR and install WinRAR extraction tool.
3. Extract the WMP11 installer by using WinRAR or PowerArchiver to a directory (e.g. wmp11-windowsxp-x86-enu).
4. Download LegitLibM.dll (in RAR format, extract after download) from here.
5. Copy the extracted LegitLibM.dll to the extracted directory of WMP11 installer.
6. Overwrite any existing LegitLibM.dll file.
7. Run setup_wm.exe by double clicking.
8. Install Windows Media Player 11 Final accordingly.


Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Learn To Relax ... Chillax!

is possibly one of the biggest enemies of modern life. And the recent case of a
Gurgaon based man being run over by a car only highlights the stressful times we
live in. The most helpful method of dealing with stress is learning how to
manage stress that comes along with certain situations. Learn how to ‘de-stress’
when things are relatively calm can help see you through many trying times. If
you want to build your resilience, work on developing these behavioural habits:


Soothe strained nerves by taking an imaginary trip to an ideal
place. Close your eyes, take a deep breath, and for the next ten minutes,
imagine yourself in any place you wish to be! This method can be used anytime
and anywhere you need to relax. And the best part is that it only takes a few


Learn not to overburden yourself. Simplify. Delegate jobs. Put your
best foot forward whenever you undertake a task, but ask yourself about whether
it really is that important before getting into it. And it’s sometimes
beneficial to ignore others’ criticisms, as they only add to your stress levels.


Planning your day can help you feel more in control of your life,
and this can ease your stress. Write a to-do list, placing the most important
tasks at the top. Prioritising will

ensure you spend your time
and energy on those that are

truly important to you.
Schedule your daily activities to minimise conflicts and last-minute rushes.


Self-talk is the stream of thoughts that run through your
head every day. These are automatic self-thoughts, which can be positive or
negative. It’s draining and unhealthy to have negative thoughts running through
your head most of the time. If your thoughts are mostly positive, you’re likely
to have a more optimistic outlook on situations and hence, lower stress levels.


People tend to skip meals during stressful situations.
Try to avoid this if at all possible. Feeding your body the right foods is
essential for managing stress.


Create environments that reduce stress. Colours of the walls, floor
coverings, and furniture all play a part in stress reduction. Cooling hues
create a sense of wellbeing.


Accept what cannot be changed. We can accept what we cannot change
by changing what

can. Make choices that are realistic.

these fears

Additionally, learning not to get bogged down by these
irrational fears will also help you lower your stress levels

FILTERING: You had a
great day at work and have completed your tasks ahead of the deadline, but you
made a minor mistake at some point during the day. That evening, your focus will
be only on your mistakes. Avoid doing this.

something bad happens, you automatically blame yourself. For example, you hear
that an evening out with friends is cancelled and you assume that the change in
plans is because no one wanted to be around you.

This happens when you always anticipate the worst.You refuse to go out with
people for fear that you’ll make a fool of yourself. Or one change in your daily
routine leads you to think the day will be a disaster. This can be very

POLARISING: You see things only as either good or bad, or
black and white. You feel that you have to be perfect or you’re a total failure.
This attitude impedes your adjustment levels and so, only increases stress

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Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Want to lose weight? Eat slowly

How many times have your parents yelled at you to chew your food well?

fact, Ayurveda even suggests you must eat your food slowly and chew
each morsel 32 times, since you have 32 teeth. This, says the ancient
Indian science, is beneficial for digestion and, consequently, results
in good health!

A recent
study, conducted by Kathleen Melanson, assistant professor of nutrition
and food science at the University of Rhode Island, USA, also shows
that women who eat their food slowly stay slim.

our busy life, most of us go through our meals without really tasting
or savouring it. Try this -- ask anyone you know what they had for
lunch the day before. Most of the people you ask this question to will
be unable to give you the right answer. Do you remember what you ate

We tend to eat so quickly that the meal rarely registers in our memory.

Chewing your food well and eating it slowly can have several benefits.

helps to break down the food in the mouth itself. This is where the
first step of digestion takes place, where the food mixes with saliva.
If you tend to eat very quickly, without really chewing well, a lot of
gas bubbles get trapped in the food. This gives you the 'bloated'
feeling, resulting in the production of gas, and belching.

your meal slowly can ensure you eat less. If you are aware of the
eating habits of the French, you will realise that most of their meals
consist of pastas, wine cheese. Then how do these people stay so
slim? The answer could lie in the fact that they eat small portions of
these foods.

But how to you feel full by eating smaller servings? By eating your food slowly chewing it well of course!

body is designed in a way that our stomach sends the message to the
brain via neurotransmitters only 20 minutes after it is full. Which
means you may be quite full much before you realise it. As a result,
you may have eaten too much which will make you feel overfull later.

you are trying to lose weight cannot seem to get a hold on your
appetite, start your meal with thick vegetable soup followed by a large
helping of salad. Increasing your vegetable servings in this form helps
you feel fuller due to the fibre intake. It also makes you chew the
food more so that, by the time you reach the main course, you eat
lesser portions.

Eating high
fibre food like salad fruit is not just good for your waistline,
but also a great exercise to help your teeth gums remain healthy!

Choose more of whole foods
over processed foods. Take out some time from your schedule for your
meals. Don't gulp it down. Don't work at the computer while eating your
food. Another major culprit is the television -- switch it off at

Instead, eat your
food slowly, preferably in the company of family and/ or friends.
Besides learning to really appreciate your food, you'll find you've
notched on several health benefits as well!

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Karim's -- a non-vegetarians's delight!

Delhiites are probably aware of the name. For the uninitiated though,
this is the best restaurant in Delhi, serving non-vegetarian food since
1913. Every food guide worth its name has voted it Delhi's best
restaurant for many years. No one who has visited the restaurant will

As for me, I am a die-hard fan.

original Karim's is bang opposite Jama Masjid in the walled city area
of Delhi. It is close to a market known as Darya Ganj. Those visiting
Karim's for the first time will be surprised at the location. Getting
there is not easy, you will need to ask locals for help.

the 1990s, Karim's did not have any branches, but they have now opened
branches in Nizamuddin, Kailash Colony, Noida, Gurgaon with the latest
in Kamla Nagar. The quality of food, however, has a long way to go
before it matches the original Karim's.

this mouth-watering point, let's talk of the food. As I said at the
outset, Karim's is a gastronomic delight for non-vegetarians.
Vegetarians are welcome too, but at their own risk.

starters, I'd recommend the Mutton Burra (succulent pieces of mutton
cooked in an oven). Believe me, you have not tasted softer mutton.

You could also try Mutton Raan (part of the thigh). This starter is huge, and is meant for four or five people.

Alternately, try the kebabs. You have a wide range to choose from, including Seekh Kebabs, Shammi Kebabs and Mutton Tikka.

In the chicken category, sample the Chicken Seekh Kebab, Tandoori Chicken or Chicken Tikka.

the main course, please, please order the Mutton Korma, Mutton Stew and
Badam Pasanda (boneless mutton cooked with yoghurt, almonds and
spices). You will fall in love with all of them.

who like chicken can go for the awesome Chicken Noor Jehan and Chicken
Jahangiri. Karim's offers other dishes as well, but the five I have
mentioned are unbeatable for their flavour.

for the bread, try the Roti (prepared with wheat flour and
yeast). Thick and slightly sweet, it is an interesting deviation from
the traditional tandoori roti. Alternately, order the Keema Parantha (parantha stuffed with minced mutton). Karim's also offers roomali rotis, butter nans and paranthas.

Do remember to save space for dessert.

serves two main desserts that are out of this world. Kheer Benazir
(prepared with milk, broken rice, sugar) and Shahi Tukda (fried bread
soaked in condensed milk) are both delicious ends to a satisfying meal.
They are perfectly made. Any meal at Karim's is incomplete without
these desserts. And yes, if you are ordering the Shahi Tukda, do order
it with the meal itself, as it takes a while to prepare.

most exclusive dish at Karim's is the Tandoori Bakra -- a full goat
stuffed with dry fruits, basmati rice, minced meat and spices. It costs
Rs 3,500. You have to order a day in advance and make a 50 percent down
payment. I have not sampled it yet, but definitely will when I visit
the restaurant with a huge group.

service at every Karim's restaurant is impressive; despite the huge
crowds that gather, it is also very quick. A meal for two -- with
starters, main course and dessert -- will cost Rs 300-400 if you eat at
Karim's, Jama Masjid. If you eat at the other branches, add 40 per cent
to this figure as the dishes there are more expensive.

original Karim's does not offer valet parking, but its branches do.
Credit cards are at all branches except the main restaurant.

ambience at each branch The original has tasteful interiors and
can comfortably host about 100 people. The ambience at the East of
Kailash branch is okay; the one in Gurgaon, least appealing.

Non-vegetarians must visit Karim's at least once. The next time you feel the need for a satisfying meal, you know where to go.



Jama Masjid

Gali Kababian

Old Delhi -- 110 006

Phones: (91-011) 23269880, 23264981

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Saturday, December 02, 2006

20-20 party!

Yest'day i was merely surprised to see the indians juz bouncing back in their first ever 20-20 one day international.

The indian cricket lovers had already left it to the god's grace of seeing their team winning ! The bowling and batting did clicked well and it was really pleasing to see the team through.. But the good point to note here is that why do our cricketers only awakes when they get heavy smacking? Dinesh mongia got among runs so did karthick.. Sehwag played nice they all faced the music of Board's anger ... some 1 got out from coming test series ... and some1 (sehwag to be precise) got demoted from the Vice captain's position!

Say out LOUD !