Sunday, December 24, 2006

Bypassing windows validation check for Windows Media Player 11

Whew! Its such a painstakingly horrible that you download the whole 24 MB file through your broadband connection or dial-up connection, and u end up facing the Validation check screen which tells u .. 'Naaah! time over baby .. letz check ur accessories! .. ehmm. OS i mean ;)'. To avoid this ... I straight away went to google guru! And i knw i would find some solutions over there for sure! So here are the workaround

1. Download WMPlayer11.
2. Download WinRAR and install WinRAR extraction tool.
3. Extract the WMP11 installer by using WinRAR or PowerArchiver to a directory (e.g. wmp11-windowsxp-x86-enu).
4. Download LegitLibM.dll (in RAR format, extract after download) from here.
5. Copy the extracted LegitLibM.dll to the extracted directory of WMP11 installer.
6. Overwrite any existing LegitLibM.dll file.
7. Run setup_wm.exe by double clicking.
8. Install Windows Media Player 11 Final accordingly.


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