Friday, May 12, 2006

The Horrific tale of suppression - Zinda!!

Though the bollywood has evolved countless exemplary work of art and thrillers, recently i get a chance to see a much publicised a thriller gem! Its a jan06 released movie .. Zinda. I must say that it was an awesome piece of thrill and suspense. The movie was full of high speed drama, action and intrigue...

I am sure whoseover would have seen this movie would have been tempted to agree with my statements... Sanju ... add a total spice in his performance ... he is luking kewl in his rugged look. everything was so perfect... there are some moments when the audience gets a shrill in their spine!! John abraham's role was not so predominant but he too did fairly well. But the surprise pack was Lara .. she was a bombshell .... her oomph factor was magnetic! Its been almost a week since i saw this movie, but scenese from the movie still hovers and looms over my head and mind ... A Must see .... though i am not concerned of what it did at BO!

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