Tuesday, March 02, 2010

Everybody says I'm Fine - Movie Review

"The Best way to look around is to Look Within"

There are very few movies, and more so in the uniquely established "Desi" category, that emphatically touches the heart of the viewer with its Subtle yet strong story line. The story that is so close to all of us, but often left untouched, unheard and unearthed. Few expressions, that we just exhibit, do or understand, but deliberately fear for it to come it out wide in open.

'Everybody says I'm fine' is one such movie, where it not only explores what is being flashed by the higher strata of society, but rather, ventures into the exploring the inner complexities of exultant mind which tries harder each day to immerse its sordid tales of desperation under the crumbled sheet of Glory and Jubilance.

The story of the movie explores the life of Xen ( immaculately played by Rehaan Engineer) who loses his parents in a Electrocution accident, he sees them dying , but can't do anything except waving his hands helplessly from within the Sound proof chamber while the death plays its game on his parent. Thereafter his life becomes the see saw of Voices -- Or No Voices. He chooses to shut all those things that brings or reminds him of loud voices, music and so on.

But inspite of his distastefulness with the Voices, he gets bestowed with the Superior power .. The Power that let him read the minds of people, who come to him for the Hair Cut! There begins the intriguing tale of two faceted life of Upper class society which takes pride on its hollowed inner being.

I loved Rehaan Engineer, this Guy has talent and was looking just 'FAB' for his just perfectly timed decent smiles and Eloquent facial expressions. I fill my heart to acknowledge the new level of performance that has been set by Koel Puri. She was just Exemplary. Rahul boss is just a superlative act, as usual while Boman Irani was just like an Iron on a hotplate - Engrossing!! It was pleasing to see Pooja Bhatt as well casting herself as Upper middle class socialite.

This one is a masterpiece, keep the CD/DVD in close confines and protect it forever. You can't say, when you feel the itch to just switch it on again to know how well people around you say ..."They are Fine!".

Say out LOUD !