Wednesday, August 05, 2009

Rakshabandhan - The day in momentum ...

So, here is the day ... Jumped again from the wilderness of the complete year that went by. As they say, its the day which belongs to "sisters" - in particular, specially when she is the one who is to earn thousands from their bro's happy pocket and in addition to that the "by default" protection and caring from their brothers!

No matter what it may cost, the good feelings attached to this festive is just unique and Amazingly our very own ... Indian!!

Right since morning, we are preparing for the day, which will have us meeting cousins, having sweets(and much much more of them, even if your Digestion system does not give you Green Signal for that!), and loads of eventual fun and photography.

I am looking forward for the day ... Just praying to the God that Ladies in My House (i.e my Mom, Sis and Wife) get into their respective Uniform really fast!

Say out LOUD !