Tuesday, July 28, 2009

When Rain God Cried for Delhi! ... Oh Gawd!!!

Hey, delhi finally got the rainfall.... the heaviest of this season. Be it cars, buses, ministers or streaming sweats ... all came to standstill, when the Rain god, opened his extravagance spirit to show its inevitable July Romance with the capital.

.... and if you think i would end up the post with the happy face... nope ... just like last year's post ... Delhi drowned .. Almost! Roads were cursing the MCD for its drastic condition and there was no soul which could find a solution to this.

As i crossed in front of India's highest court ... The Supreme Court, the Condition of road were as pathetic as that of india's legal system ... Dettered and Broken!

But one thing consistent about this city is ..... Ms Shiela Dixit ... and its Palpable condition.

Here in Delhi ... When Rain God Cries ... Delhi Does that as well .. with Much more Magnitude!

Friday, July 03, 2009

The Dance of Death OR The Death of Dance

Last week, i was stunned to hear about the news of sudden death of Michael Jackson. He was such a classical dancer that world used to swear on his name and dance. India's prabhu deva when came into the scene with his famous Muqabla Song being nominated as the India's answer to phoren Michael Jackson. But truly, MJ had his class which he only possessed. He was the sheer and astounding art of a dancing skeleton fitted into the lavish suits. He effortlessly jumps an inch off the ground and with the mixture of his nitty gritty smooth style, just withhelding his composure, produce some magnificient piece of sketched performance on the screen. Majestic!! Really a treat to the eyes. I still remember the days when i was small, and my father made me see his dance where he emerges from the ashes and steal the queen from the King. His masmerizing dancing style and the attention he puts into each of his step ... its magnetic ...! He devoted a huge amount of time in producing some gregorious music for the social issues like "Black and white".

Today .. we have lost a Legend in the arms of history, the dance of his will only be there on Youtubes, picture of his will only be there in books and magazines, but his sould will rest in peace in heaven for the fact that he did wonders to this world and the next generations of pop music.

God Bless Him ... !!

Say out LOUD !