Sunday, May 24, 2009

Hmmff .... At Last !

Today, even 17 days seems a decade when we finally got a holiday from the office. After the major SAP implementation and supporting it, we got the great chance to rest our shoulders and souls on the cushion of home and say to ourselves, yes, finally its a SUNDAY!!

Our last 3 weeks have been all but relaxing. There was lots of stress, anxiousness and call for delivery. Finally the hard work paid off. As i am starting to celebrate the start of my holiday, i have just found that most of it has already been lost out.

Nevertheless, let me do the first best thing for today, get into the bathtub.

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

HEN and its Eggs ..

How many of us would have seen a hen trying to hatch her eggs by religiously sitting over them with dedication, persistence and mettle. It makes all possible efforts to deliver the best of offsprings and even protect them from the external nuisances.

From the last 6-8 months we were feeling cut out as a "Hen", except these were not eggs from us, rather from the Employer we work with ("HCL Tech"). The SAP ECC 6.0 launch were on the cards, so was the expectation from each individual(HEN), each manager(Keeper) and the complete department(Poultry). There were several weeks of unending tension and dedication involved, which brought us to the stage where we are ready as a unit to go ahead.

Today, is the important day in this regard. We are about to zoom off. Out eggs are about to crack and we are eager to show the world what we have delivered. Though its been estimated that there would be few nuisances, but they say ..."fortune favors the brave".

From the various nooks and corners, we are moving towards the "Total Revolution" in the various applications the Corporate use. There has been outright change in the way the applications behave while interacting with SAP, and that eventually adds the valuable crunch and meaning to whole excercise, we've been into.

Today ... We Move ... We Move ahead towards extra efforts. We are stepping one step ahead, from Hatching to Caring. May god bless us in producing the best of Deliverables we always wished for.

Our Eggs are Ready in the Basket Now ....

Thursday, May 07, 2009

Note My Vote ~~

As India enters into a phase of election wherein the new Prime Minister is to be chosen, the Politicials and whole political fraternity is vying to vouch upon the innocent perceptions of General public. Off-late, there is quite a buzz about whom to vote and whom to not.

There are lots of rallies, promises and more of it flowing from the mouth of several politicians but little one has faith and reliability in the crude bunch of promises, that eventually never becomes the reality.

The time has come, when the luck has presented us the opportunity to decide, to decide the leader for ourselves and for the country. The country is looking from the hidden doors of progressiveness and prosperity to come out and fly, we perhaps need the right pilot for our Nation.

It is often said by the youth that country is worse, with lots of problems and snoring pace of development, but it may well be argumented that because of this country, one can heave the sigh of relief for bringing lots of opportunities for the youth to develop, grow and visit abroad.

Now, today, its the time for me, you and everyone of us, to come out from the crumbles of our bed sheets and VOTE ... !!

The lip licking pizzas at posh malls can wait, the laugh-riot movies will still be there on the Box office for next week, but this opportunity to choose what's best for you, will not be for you tomorrow. Lets realize Voting is not just your right, ... its actually doing Right with your "Right".

Let's Vote ... India !!

Say out LOUD !